Welcome to The Society for Door Step Schools

“The Society for Door Step Schools” was established in Mumbai, India in 1989 with the aim of addressing illiteracy amongst the marginalized sections of society. The school provides education and support to the often-forgotten children of pavement and slum dwellers, construction site families and many other underprivileged families. Many of these children are not enrolled in school and have limited access to books and a place to study. Additionally, many of these children are forced to drop out of school to work or care for younger children. With neither support nor resources at home these children too often suffer from very low learning levels. At Door Step School, we are trying to bridge this gap by bringing education to the “Doorstep” of these underprivileged children.

Preventive measures taken by DSS against COVID -19.

In view of the Coronavirus situation, it is important that all of us take appropriate preventive measures for the safety of everyone. In this context we at Door Step School are taking steps below:

  • Creating awareness about COVID – 19 and preventive measures as suggested by the WHO.
  • Encouraging use of hand sanitisers in absence of soap and water.
  • Closed our centers and all field and volunteer work from 16th to 31st of March 2020.
  • Granted paid leave to all the staff so they can worry less and focus on taking necessary preventive measures.
  • Given work from home to all Coordinator level and above staff.
  • All project heads are doing regular follow up with their respective teams and briefing them about the importance of staying indoors.
  • All staff members are advised not to travel by any kind of public transport if at all they have to move out of the house.  
  • Regular cleaning of all surfaces in offices by disinfectants.
  • Cancelled or postponed all in-person meetings and activities till situation is under control by making maximum use of technology wherever possible.

We are glad to share that under all our programs we conduct WaSH (Water and Sanitation Hygiene) activity to create awareness and teach about hand washing and personal and surrounding hygiene. We also launched our very own Program Teach Them Young in 2016 in government schools, which focuses on teaching hygiene and sanitation habits to children from kindergarten to 4th grade.

Our current mantra: Take Care and Be Safe!