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Parents’ Participation Program


The role of a parent in a child’s education is very important . Since many many of the parents at construction sites are barely literate or illiterate we tend to provide for study support to these children through organizing study support classes.

Although helping children in their studies is a part of the parents’ role in child’s education,  the most essential part is the motivation to educate the child and understanding what it means in practical terms.  This includes getting a child ready on time and seeing to it that he goes to school clean and neat, with his school bag filled with essentials and giving him lunch or snacks to eat in school etc. Giving importance to his schooling also means giving priority to his school attendance and regularity and therefore arranging transport for the child to reach school on time. In practical terms it means adjusting your own schedule of work-hours, holidays etc to child’s school calendar.

The project “Parents Participation Program (PPCE )”  started in February plans to educate parents on the needs of a school going child and how they can address the same through positive actions and resources within their means.


The project aims at covering over 900 children and 1500 parents in the areas of Mohammedwadi and  Kondhwa over a one year period to ensure that parents take active responsibility of their children’s education by creating awareness and supporting the parents and with the  involvement and support of agencies such as builders, contractors and school authorities.




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