Door Step School


In keeping with our goal of addressing and improving literacy in the marginalized sections of society, all of our projects have evolved from the needs and challenges faced by this section.

Through our projects we try to bring the children at par so that they can then join a regular school and continue their education. With the introduction of the Right to Education (RTE), all children in the age group of 6-14 must be enrolled in schools, in the age appropriate grades. Keeping in accordance to this,  we enrol all children of school going age in nearby government schools.  All our programs under Project Foundation have evolved keeping needs of these children in mind.

With our continued emphasis on the children of construction laborers, we have the following projects being currently implemented at the Doorstep school:

Project Foundation

Educational Activity Centers (EAC) – Educational centers at construction sites and migrant communities to reach migrant worker’s children and street children through a set of innovative outreach programs. Read More

Community Learning Centers (CLC) – Learning centers mainly for school going children from middle and secondary schools  to provide an after school learning and skill building environment. Read More

School on Wheels – These are buses that serve as mobile classrooms to enable us to reach difficult areas where even room for a class may not be available. Read More

Project Grow With Books

First Steps Forward – Through this initiative, a special focus on 1st standard students will be given with the aim to increase the number of children reaching the expected levels of learning at the end of the 1st standard. Read More

Reading Class Program – Children are given an opportunity to hone their reading skills as they have supervised reading and reading related activities every week. Read More

Home Lending Program – This program is for children that have already inculcated the reading habit and are used to borrowing books to read at home. Read More

Project Teach Them Young

Teach Them Young

Teach Them Young is a project launched by Door Step School, with an objective of developing good eating and sanitation habits among children attending government schools in Pune. Under this project, DSS plans to ensure availability and maintenance of sanitation facilities in schools, by monitoring and reporting to appropriate authorities. Also, the children are guided about proper use of toilets and water, personal hygiene, and good eating habits, at the right age.  Read More

Parivartan Training Center

Parivartan Training Center – This is center where we provide training for teachers of our EAC classes. Read More

Every Child Counts

Every Child Counts – Citizens’ Campaign – The campaign envisages mobilization and involvement of large number of citizens towards participation in the Goal of Universal Elementary Education. Read More

Parents’ Participation Program

Parents’ Participation Program – This project started in February plans to educate parents on the needs of a school going child and how they can address the same through positive actions and resources within their means. Read More

Door Step School Pune Project Map
Door Step School Pune Project Map

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