Door Step School

Project Foundation

Educational Activity Centers (EAC) – Educational centers at construction sites and migrant communities to reach migrant worker’s children and street children through a set of innovative outreach programs: Read More

  • Balwadi – These are kindergarten classes for children aged 3-6 to have fun learning so that they are more inclined and better equipped to go to school. Read More
  • Study Classes – Here children attending school are helped to cope with schoolwork. A little guidance and a quiet place to study can make all the difference. Read More
  • Literacy Classes  – These classes are for out-of-school children with a special focus on basic literacy skills, language and math. Read More
  • Child Care Center – This is a facility to take care of younger siblings at the Educational Activity Centers. Read More
  • School Transport –  It is an added service provided for bringing children to municipal schools as well as for collecting them from different construction sites to one location for conducting classes. Read More

Community Learning Centers (CLC) – Learning centers mainly for school going children from middle and secondary schools  to provide an after school learning and skill building environment:

  • Community Library – A community lending program where children with reading skills have access to books. Read More
  • Reference Library – These libraries provide reference books to children who need a quiet and undisturbed place to focus on their studies. Read More
  • Computer Classes – These classes provide skills in basic Office programs. Read More

School on Wheels – These are buses that serve as mobile classrooms to enable us to reach difficult areas where even room for a class may not be available. Read More