Door Step School

Get Involved

All our programs run on external donations. This means that the extent to which we can affect and bring positive effect to our communities and the quality of our children’s lives depends on your involvement. Your donation howsoever small or large, will help educate a child, bring a smile on a child’s face, provide nutritious snack to a child or help give a child a life skill.

You can also get involved by volunteering with us. Volunteers make a big impact when they spend time with the children. Children learn many different skills through volunteer involvement. Volunteers also make a great role model for these children. We have plenty of opportunities if you are interested in volunteering with us and contributing your time by participating in our programs.

Your involvement either in the form of donation or in the form of volunteering will go a long way in making a difference in a child’s life.



We are always looking for new talent to join our team! Read more about opportunities (current openings) at or drop us your resume at