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School on Wheels


School On Wheels has been the signature program of Door Step School.

The School on Wheels is a bus, that is re-modeled and equipped with all classroom supplies including a computer, TV, DVD player and educational audio visual learning serve as mobile classroom. The bus reaches out to children of certain locations or construction sites where even a temporary classroom cannot be built and therefore children have absolutely no access to education.

In a day, the School On Wheels visits 2 or 3 locations and 2 hour sessions are held in each location.

The School on Wheels is also used as a mobile reading room for children from the neighboring communities where they have access to a variety of books available in the bus. The bus is taken to certain communities in the evening for this purpose and parked in one place for two hours offering these services. This is very beneficial to the children who are capable of reading, but do not have access to books beyond school books.



  • Basic literacy classes: On construction sites where we run 8 hour classes, the bus can accommodate about 20 – 25 children at any one time. These classes attempt to impart the three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic skills) in a non-formal setting.
  • Educational sessions on social skills: Sessions are held on the bus to instill social skills like basic hygiene, health and safety. Such meetings often turn into problem solving sessions that address some of the unique problems faced by the kids.


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