Visit to Rail Museum

It was a  usual  mid summer hot afternoon in Pune on April 4th . We had planned to take some of  our students  to  Joshi Railway museum and wondered whether we had done the right thing in asking the students  to come all the way from far away places like Pirangut and Bhugaon Road.
When about 40  students arrived with their teachers,looking at the positive energy the group showed  we  realized that we had  done the right thing. The students were energetic and eager to see what lay ahead.
Joshi Museum was built by Mr. Balkrishna Joshi and exhibits finest of craftsmanship and minute details with which it has been built. It is also  maintained to perfection even after so many years of  inception. It has on display miniature models of moving  trains , monorails and  bullet trains  and railway stations. The exact replica created of a small European town  proves once again that  God is in details. With exciting commentary filled with subtle humor, the 30 minute show  has never a dull moment and had all the students curious and engrossed. Besides having the students excited , the child in every teacher surfaced and one could sense that from the smiles one could see across the faces of children as well as grown ups.
We spent some efforts in organizing this visit but what we received in return was the smiles on the faces of the children  which were priceless!!
Our next target :- Planetarium
Contributed by Rohit Verlekar, DSS Volunteer