Door Step School

MARASIM – An Art Affair

On April 3 – 9, Budding young artists Shweta Barate, Ishan Kshirsagar & Renuka Fulsoundar, have come together to unveil their creations through “MARASIM – An Art Affair”– an exhibit with a difference. This exhibition is being put up in association with renowned Marathi actor-model Abhyangh Kuvalekar’s – Abhyangh Kuvalekar Productions.


Inspired from the essence of Nature, the paintings go beyond just artistic delights. With a sense of responsibility as citizens of a good society they are willing to do a bit for the society. Hence they have decided to support Door Step School through this show!

The exhibition will be at Darpan Art Gallery, Patrakar Nagar, Pune, April 3rd-9th A 2013, between 11am – 8 pm. Please join us!

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