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Literacy Classes


Many children, though of school going age, are unable to attend mainstream schools due to various reasons. These reasons many times are related to security and safety of children. Parents are unwilling to send the children out of the construction site premises. Sometimes, the child is too old to attend school, having never gone to school before. Then it is difficult to convince the child to enroll in schools at such a late stage.


Generally, all our classes are held in labor camps or at construction sites where a location, a tin shed or a room, is provided by the builder. But when such a facility is not available or is likely to take time setting up, we start our classes in School on Wheels or a temporary space close to the construction site location.


Teachers go over a 90 day curriculum teaching them to read and write alphabets, Matras, composite words and sentences along with basic arithmetic. Several teaching aids are used while teaching Marathi and Mathematics. These classes help even these children unable to go to school attain basic literacy skills.


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