Bringing Parents to School for Parent-Teacher meetings

Parents’ Participation in Children’s Education (Supported under CSR initiatives of Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd.) project’s  theme for the last quarter is “Bringing Parents to School” for Parent-Teacher meetings.

The aim of these meetings is to
  • Bring the parents and school staff together on a common platform to help their interaction.
  • Help parents overcome the fear of school and make them feel comfortable to come to school whenever they need to (for transfer certificates, leave applications etc.)
  • Show the parents the environment where their children spend 6 hours a day; also their child’s progress, projects etc.
  • Advise the parents about various aspects of sending their children to school (importance of regular attendance, punctuality, neat and tidiness of children, behavior and discipline etc.)

Seven schools organized Parent Teacher meetings. Overall 60-70 parents from project sites participated in these meetings. Participation was low as the meeting time clashed with their work hours. Parents who could not attend the meeting are taken to school (by Project staff) for a one-on-one meeting with the class teacher.