Parent’s Participation in Children’s Education continues into its second year

Under the CSR initiative of Rural Electrification Corporation(REC), Ltd., Shri. P.J.Thakkar, Director
(Technical), and Shri R P Vaishnaw, General Manager (F&A), launched the Project “Parent’s Participation in Children’s Education for the year2014-15” in Kondhwa and Mohammadwadi areas in the city of Pune, Maharashtra.

This year the project aims to implement an end-to-end process for parents participation in the enrollment, support and academic progress of the children of migrant and unsettled communities.

The project was started in Dec 2012 as a CSR initiative of REC and 693 children were enrolled in 17 government schools in the area with “Parent Awareness and Participation” as the focus. This year the project is integrated with “First Steps Forward” an initiative of Door Step School’s “Project Grow with Books”.

The School-on-Wheels bus donated by REC under the CSR initiative helped reach 355 children who were supported through Preparatory Camp and after-school Study Classes on the bus. The School on Wheels Bus will continue to provide literacy to educationally deprived children at temporary road sidedwellings and construction sites in Kondhwa and Mohammadwadi areas of Pune, Maharashtra.