Organizing Outdoor Sports/Games

play_360pxAfter getting enrolled in the school, many children find it difficult to develop interest in learning or school or making friends. To help such children get interested in school and learning, we are planning to organize some kind of fun outdoor sports activities/ games for them.  We can engage the students in simple games like ‘langadi’, ‘lagorya’, ándhali koshimbir’, simple tag, dodge ball etc.

We are aiming to reach the students of 1st and 2nd std.  at one school initially – Somji School in Kondhwa Budruk.

We are looking for volunteers who can help us organize sports activities for these children on Saturday mornings. This will be an ongoing activity to be organized throughout the year on Saturdays (leaving school holidays).

We plan to start this activity from August 3.

To know more about this activity and to volunteer, please write to Or you may contact:

Mrs. Rajani Tai Paranjpe,

110 Parimal, Anand Park,

Aundh, Pune


Mrs. Seema Walunjkar