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One Page Stories – by Children for Children

Under Project Grow with Books an innovative initiative was undertaken to provide a different variety of reading material for children.

This initiative was ‘One Page Story’, stories written by children for the children. These stories were to be just one page long. All the schools where Project Grow with Books is run were made a part of this initiative.

Children were presented with the idea that they should write a story on any topic based on their imagination. We received many stories, but we felt that the children needed some direction while writing the stories. Hence we gave them simple proverbs in Marathi which are very common.

We collected more than 150 stories. 45 of these were selected for printing. It was also decided that children who could draw good pictures would be encouraged to draw pictures for these stories.

Accordingly on 15th November 17 children were brought together for the workshop. These children were helped by 8 teachers and 2 volunteers.

The children were told about the stories and also given a general composition for the pictures. The result was mind blowing. Children were reluctant to leave a picture unfinished. They were neither interested in eating nor speaking.

As a result Door Step School has already printed 19 of these stories and the rest are in process.

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