New School-on-Wheels Bus

DSS_SOW_2013_5On Friday, May 17th – Door Step School, which provides education to underprivileged children at various locations in Mumbai and Pune and runs the School on Wheels program for the children of migrant and unsettled parents, has inaugurated a New School – on – Wheels bus.  The bus has been donated to Door Step School by Rural Electrification Corporation (REC), Delhi under its CSR initiatives. Shri P.J. Thakkar, Director (Technical), REC, flagged off the School on Wheels, today in Mumbai, in the presence of senior functionaries of REC, Society for Door Step School and The National CSR Hub.

“The School on Wheels is a bus that is re-modeled and equipped with all classroom supplies including a computer, TV, DD player and educational audio visual learning material to serve as mobile classroom. The bus reaches out to children of certain locations or construction sites where even a temporary classroom cannot be built and therefore children have absolutely no access to education. The School on Wheels offers space for 20-25 children

In a day, the School On Wheels visits 2 or 3 locations and 2 hour sessions are held in each location. It also doubles up as school transport whenever required.

The School on Wheels is also used as a mobile reading room for children from the neighbouring communities where they have access to a variety of books available in the bus. The bus is taken to certain communities in the evening for this purpose and parked in one place for two hours offering these services. This is very beneficial to the children who are capable of reading, but do not have access to books beyond school books”

The new School on Wheels Bus will assist in providing literacy to educationally deprived children at temporary road side dwellings and construction sites at Door Step School locations in Maharashtra.

About Rural Electrification Corporation

DSS_SOW_2013_300pxRural Electrification Corporation(REC), Ltd.,  a Navaratna Central Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Power ,was incorporated on July 25 1969, under the Companies Act 1956. Headquartered at New Delhi, its main objective is to finance power sector projects in the fields of generation, transmission, distribution and renewable energy all over India.REC has allocated budget @ 1% of Profit after Tax of previous year for FY 2013-14 for CSR activities, and is committed to undertaking sustainable projects under CSR initiatives. Focus areas for REC’s CSR Activities include Skill Development leading to creation of employment, Education, Promotional of Non-Conventional Energy sources, Healthcare, including projects for the elderly and persons with disability, etc.and its CSR activities are spread acroos the country.

About Door Step School

The Door Step School was established in Mumbai, India in 1988 and later expanded to Pune in 1992. Door Step School provides education and support to the often-forgotten children of pavement dwellers, slum dwellers, construction site families and many other underprivileged families. Many of these children are not enrolled in school and have limited access to books and a place to study. Annually, the Door Step School serves more than 50,000 children with literacy programs at over 140 locations in Pune and Mumbai.  Each year more than 1500 children who would have otherwise gone without a formal education are enrolled in municipal schools.