Every Child Counts – You can help a child reach school !

Suhani , Radhika and 50 other children of school going age live with their parents at Chakrapani vasti in Bhosari.
Their parents are engaged in selling herbs and medicines, some others sell trinkets and small jewellery items and some of them are rag pickers.
Door Step School through its “Every Child Counts-Citizens’ Campaign” located this community and children in April.Their parents have never been to school and were  not aware or interested in sending these children to school. After several meetings with parents, they were convinced to send them to school.
All the children were admitted to the nearest Municipal school in Bhosari. To introduce them to schooling and the idea of going to school regularly, it was decided to deploy a “School on Wheels” at the community in June . Children were curious about the bus and started walking in.. Soon all the children were clamoring for a space on the bus.
Teachers have inculcated a sense of discipline among the children and given them a hint of what they can expect in school. These children are now ready and eager to attend mainstream school.


Having crossed the major hurdle of making parents aware and ready to send children to school,we have hit a wall !.
How do these children go to school which is 3 kms away from where they live and across a major Highway? We need to arrange for a school bus/ van to take them to school. Though school education is free in India under the Right to Education Act, school transport is not.
It will cost Rs. 400 each month or Rs.4000 for a school year for each child to reach and attend school regularly.

Please write to us at  pune@doorstepschool.org  if you would like to sponsor school transport for Suhani, Radhika and many more children who are looking forward  to being in school and attending school daily .