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Balwadis are Pre-primary classes that are part of the Educational Activity Centers at construction sites and communities. Planned from its inception as an effective method to address the problem of non-enrollment, it helps in identifying children between 3-6 years of and prepares them for schooling.


Generally, all our classes are held in labor camps or at construction sites where a location, a tin shed or a room, is provided by the builder. But when such a facility is not available or is likely to take time setting up, we start our classes in School on Wheels or a temporary space close to the construction site location.


  • Preparation for what’s ahead: The Balwadi program is geared to get children prepared for a more formal education process. We stress regular attendance for 2 hours at a stretch and participation in class, which we believe, builds children’s attention span and instills in them a habit of attending school.
  • Informal Learning Process: Kids are taught a variety of nursery rhymes, which builds their vocabulary of Marathi and English. They also learn shapes and colors through songs, pictures and toys.
  • Easy learning: Children 5 and older learn the alphabet and are introduced to numbers. These children are known to perform better in mathematics later in school.
  • Special Programs: Children also learn about culture by celebrating various festivals. They also enjoy picnics and an annual sports day.


A large part of the funds as well as volunteering support come from individuals and builders who believe in our cause and the philosophy of this project.  Since Balwadi is part of an EAC, many of our funding partners also provide financial support to it as part of supporting the entire center. You can help by providing toys,books, stationery, notebooks and craft material etc. Please contact our office if you have materials and supplies to offer.

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