AntiTobacco Streetplay

Anti-Tobacco Awareness Street Play

30th December, 2010


Karan, 13 year old, approached the passer-by who was smoking and said, “Don’t smoke cigarette it is very dangerous to your health.”

Pooja, 12 year old said, “I’m going to tell my mother not to brush her teeth with powdered tobacco.”


An anti-tobacco awareness program was organized by the Door Step School “Phoenix Bal Samuha” from Lord Harris Municipal School, Mumbai on 30th December 2010. The main objective of the program was to spread awareness about ill-effects of tobacco among the school children and the people in the vicinity of the school.


A workshop was conducted for the Bal Samuha members to sensitize them about the ill-effects of tobacco after which they made posters depicting the ill-effects of tobacco, slogans for spreading awareness among people and also prepared a street play for the same. The posters were put up in and around the school. The pedestrians were reading the information put on the posters and appreciated children’s efforts. The children explained the bystanders how eating tobacco can affect their health in the long run.


The street play was staged at 6 varied locations in school, outside the school campus, GT Hospital, Mumbai etc. The children who performed the street play at GT Hospital were praised by one and all from the hospital staff which in turn boosted their morale. The Beat officer for theMunicipalSchoolsaw the street play and was very impressed with the children’s performance and suggested that the play should be staged in all schools in A ward, Mumbai. The Balsamuha Coordinator acknowledged the efforts put in by all the children and found the children to be more confident and conversant after the event. Being involved in this awareness drive has inspired these young ones to get actively involved in other such issues that affect them, thus preventing them from being targeted by anti-social elements in society.