Special Books for Marathi Reading Skill Development

Since last 25 years, Door Step School has been trying to develop basic literacy (reading) skills among children from marginalized communities in Pune and Mumbai. Through our direct education and school intervention programmes, we have been working with thousands of children whom we can call First Generation Learners. It means that neither of their parents have ever attended a school or are literate. A person belonging to an already educated family may not be able to imagine how difficult it is to even introduce basic alphabets to these children. Door Step School has not only helped them learn basic alphabets, but has also created an inclination towards reading good books.

Thousands of story books already available in the market are used in our reading skill development programmes. However, it was also observed that these children – First Generation Learners – have few more specific needs than the available reading material can fulfill. For example, a 6-year-old child is step-by-step introduced to Marathi alphabets and Kana-Matra-Velanti during its first year at school. Marathi language has a peculiar method of forming and using composite letters (Jodakshare), which is taught to the child after completing all alphabets and their versions. Hence, the child cannot read a typical story book until it understands composite letters. Door Step School identified this problem and published own books that contain stories without any composite letters. (In these books, all words with composite letters are replaced by their synonyms without composite letters!) These books were instant hit among children and we have been using them for years now.

There are few other books published by Door Step School, such as workbooks for Kana-Matra-Velanti, workbooks for composite letters, picture books, story books, etc. We have also published a Marathi to Marathi Dictionary, which helps children learn new words typically found in story books. This is a pictorial dictionary that contains pictures drawn by our children with help of volunteer artists.

Over the years, we have become equipped with a comprehensive set of books for Marathi reading skill development, with workbooks, picture books, story books, and a dictionary! Interestingly, visitors and volunteers at Door Step School have found these books useful for their own children and friends. For example, Marathi families living abroad are trying to introduce their mothertongue to their own kids, using Door Step School books. We are happy and excited about this unintentional benefit of our publications.

While anyone interested in checking and buying these books can visit our offices in Pune, but we have also made them available for online purchase through e-Commerce websites like BookGanga and Amazon. Now, people can even preview few pages online before buying the books and they can also get these books delivered to their doorstep through above-mentioned websites.

For online purchase of Door Step School books, please visit following links –

We have started receiving sales reports about customers ordering from various cities, states, and countries. This emphasizes the need of such books in today’s times. It has also boosted our confidence and motivation. Through this piece of writing, we are thanking and extending our best wishes to all those unknown readers and learners across the globe, who are contributing in more than one ways towards our goal of complete literacy…