English Teaching Program: A Volunteer Initiative

Photo0070In 2013, we were requested by some schools to conduct spoken English for their students. We had many volunteers who wanted to engage in teaching but language was a barrier as many of them were non Marathi speaking.

This request gave us a perfect opportunity where we decided to involve them in teaching English to the Municipal school children. Hence, the English Teaching program was introduced in August 2013 at approximately 34 Municipal Corporation Schools covering around 1620 children in Pune and Pimpri -Chinchwad areas.

There are 35 volunteers who conduct the classes for an hour every Saturday, for students of Std. V.  25 teaching hours have been spent at each of the schools since the commencement of the program until the end of the school academic year in March 2014. Some schools were not covered since volunteers were not available in certain areas.

Basic English modules were developed by us. These modules covered topics such as introduction and greetings; phonics, verbs, rhyming words, using a dictionary, understanding and reading maps etc. In addition, origami and vocabulary games were included in the modules to make English learning more interactive and fun. These modules were shared with the volunteers who used them as a standard syllabus across all the schools to conduct the sessions.

Overall the outcome of the program has been positive; the students have definitely shown a lot of interest and have started using some of the English greetings and words in their conversations. Many a time the teachers have also attended the sessions saying that though they can teach English they too lack in ‘Spoken English’. In addition, the volunteers involved in the program have had an enriching and enjoyable experience teaching the children and look forward to being part of the program in the next academic year.