Door Step School

Volunteer Guidelines

Following are some guidelines for the volunteer:

  • While participating in any volunteering activity, the volunteer should dress appropriately. Many times, it is required to sit down on the floor while participating in the activities. Also, a lot of the volunteering activities are conducted at Municipal Schools, Community Learning centers, Construction Site classrooms and hence it is a good idea to dress conservatively – preferably Indian outfits. Tight clothes, shorts, short dresses, short tops, Capri pants and the like should be avoided.
  • The volunteer should treat all children with respect. As a person, pay heed to their ideas, opinions and well-being. Respect the privacy of children by not revealing any of their personal information outside the programme/activity.
  • The volunteer has to always act and speak in a proper and professional manner. This includes, but is not limited to, careful use of language to avoid expletives and profanities, and avoiding physical disciplining of the child. Volunteer should also be conscious of his/her function as role model and give a positive image.
  • The volunteer should not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, caste, language, religion, wealth and ability or in any other form not mentioned here. Strict impartiality should be maintained.
  • The volunteer should refrain from any inappropriate physical contact with the children. (Avoid touching children in any way). Always maintain professional boundaries. It is also strictly restricted for any one volunteer to be alone with one child at any given time during the volunteering hours.
  • The volunteer should not take the children out of the class/construction site.
  • As far as possible, the volunteer should not take help from others while carrying out the activity (for lifting items, carrying items from one place to other etc.)
  • The volunteer should avoid carrying any expensive gadgets, flashy items while participating in the volunteering activity.
  • The volunteer should avoid using the mobile phone while participating in the volunteering activity.
  • The volunteer should not give any sweets, gifts, money etc. to the children.
  • The volunteer should be punctual.