We have provided different options based on sponsoring a group/center for a year or a single teacher/student for a year. As always, every little donation goes a long way in helping us reach our goals.
Project Foundation Center (NFE, Study Classes, Crèche and Balwadi)
    • Support for one teacher for a year

Rs. 48,000

    • Support startup cost for one center                            

Rs. 15,000

    • Support all events at the center for one year

Rs. 10,000

    • Support learning material for one year

Rs. 7,000

    • Support all costs for one site school for one year

Rs. 3,00,000

School Transport
    • Support transport for one child for a year

Rs. 6,000

Every Child Counts’
    • Supporting one out of school child towards enrollment and retention for one year

Rs. 3,000

Project Grow With Books
    • Support one school for one year

Rs. 1,90,000

    • First Steps Forward in 27 schools for one year

Rs. 70,000

    • Prize distribution for various competitions from 1st to 7th grade per school

Rs. 3,000

    • Drawing books for children from 1st grade per school

Rs. 750

Community Learning Centers (CLC)
    • Computers for CLC  (as per requirements)
Teacher’s Training Center
    • Support one teacher’s training

Rs. 10,000

    • Printing cost for 1000 drawing books

Rs. 15,000

Only educational material like stationary, notebooks,art & craft material, files, folders etc is accepted as in kind donations.
* The above mentioned costs are subject to change based on class sizes, locations and other circumstances. Please contact our office if you need further details.

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